2013.06.18 Tue – 06.23 Sun 
11:00 – 20:00 
¥ 500(with a drink)


イギリス人陶芸家で日本に長く住む Steve Tootell は以前志賀の窯で陶芸を焼いていた。災害の後は率先して志賀の作品の販売する機会をつくってきた。

Shiga Toshihiro, Shiga Fuka & Steve Tootell 
Pottery and painting exhibition

A collaboration between potter Toshihiro Shiga, who continues to live and work in Kawauchi Village, Fukushima, his daughter Summer -Wind (18), and Steve Tootell, who has supported them since the triple disasters of 3/11. 

Shiga Toshihiro is a potter who was evacuated after the earthquake. When he returned he saw that flowers continued to bloom in the village unattended. He drew and painted these flowers that had never been seen by anyone. He sketched hundreds of flowers in the countryside which helped to create a new balance both physically and mentally.

Shiga also continued to paint Mount Fuji as an immovable being. 

This exhibition of parent Shiga and daughter Fuka is the result of Shiga once again creating his pottery and painting in the way you will see it in this exhibition. 

Steve Tootell came to Japan as ceramics department lecturer of the Sacred Heart International School, 
where he has served as art Head of Department This exhibition displays works from different firings over the past 10 years.