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Masayoshi Hanawa (french)

Masatoshi HANAWA

né en 1981 à Ibaragi Japon 
Après avoir étudié le métier de coiffeur au lycée technique , a partir de 2005 tout en travaillant il commence a exposer ses dessins dans la rue. 
Puis il participe à de nombreux expositions de groupe au Japon.
Pour la France :
2014 Mangaro&Heta-Uma :FRANCE/La friche belle de mai (Marseille)&MIAM(Sete)
2015 Sa sculpture de monstre est choisi pour la couverture de Hey! Magazine.
2017 Participe HEY ! GALLERY SHOW#1 Paris  (Galerie Arts Factory)
2017 Out sider art fair /Atsuko Barouh
2017 Nominé du prix Art Absolument

Son art 
Quand il était enfant sa famille vivait dans une maison isolée entourée de forêt. Sa mere travaillait la nuit. Pour chasser la peur de la nuit, solitaire, il dessinait des monstres protecteurs. 
Il continue toujours de dessiner, surtout sur un tissue tendre, maniable, ainsi il peut dessiner a tout moment de la journée. 
Depuis quelques années il travaille dans une fabrique de poêles a frire. Ce travail , la transformation de metal , l’inspire . 
Il dessine dans sa voiture, c’est un endroit ou il peut être tranquille. 

masayoshi HANAWA
 http://abcd56511.blogspot.comMasayoshi HANAWA Blog

Born in Ibaragi (north district of Japan)in 1981

Masayoshi HANAWA started his professional life as a hairdresser. In 2005, and while continuing his work, he started, little by little, to show his drawings on the streets. He met others self-taught young artists who introduced him to Tokyo’s artistic scene. He then participated in a large number of group exhibitions in Japan.

In 2014 he was invited by the “International Museum of Modest Arts” in Sète and by “La Friche de la Belle de Mai”, Marseille, as part of the exhibition “Heta Uma” (Japanese Manga pop quirky art) artists.

He then met French art journalists, Anne & Julien of “Hey!”magazine, who bought his works for the first time in Europe and decided to promote his art.

2015 His sculpture of a monster made the front cover of “Hey!”magazine

2017 “HEY ! GALLERY SHOW#1”in Paris (Galerie Arts Factory)

2017 Outsider art fair /Atsuko Barouh. Solo show in Tokyo with same gallery

2017 Nominee of the “Art Absolument”prize.

His art:

When he was child, Masatoshi HANAWA lived with his mother in a very isolated house in the woods. His mother worked at night. To keep his fears at bay, he drew monsters who protected him. As an adult, he continues to draw these creatures, favouring work on a soft cotton fabric that can be folded and carried around everywhere. For a few years, he has been working in a factory making frying pans. This work, transforming metal, fascinates him.

Every night, after work, he draws in his car, a place where he feels safe.

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Artist Exhibitions & Articles

Outsider art fair in Paris 2019

Outsider art fair in Paris 2019

Atsuko Barouh :booth 30 / Nous sommes au stand 30. All infos : https://www.outsiderartfair.com/paris Cette année, j'ai le plaisir de vous présenter 4 artistes dont 2 seront vus pour la première fois en France. Il s'agit de Damien Le bas et Genta Honnou. Masatoshi...

2017.10.19 Thu – 10.22 Sun Outsider Art Fair 2017 PARIS Booth 21B

2017.10.19 Thu – 10.22 Sun Outsider Art Fair 2017 PARIS Booth 21B

ATSUKOBAROUH is a contemporary art gallery, located in Tokyo Japan.We introduce a wide range of contemporary japaneses and abroad artists.In particular the members of "Studio COOCA"which is a social welfare organization that offers support and services to people with...

2017.10.14 Sat – 11.05 Sun 塙将良 『HANAWANDER -P S P-』 MASAYOSHI HANAWA ”HANAWANDER -P S P-” Exhibition

2017.10.14 Sat – 11.05 Sun 塙将良 『HANAWANDER -P S P-』 MASAYOSHI HANAWA ”HANAWANDER -P S P-” Exhibition

2014年秋に、南フランスのLa friche belle de mai&MIAMで開催された日本のグラフィズム40年『Mangaro&Heta-Uma』展 に出展を果たし、2015年には、フランスのアートマガジン「HEY!」の表紙を飾ったアーティスト 塙 将良(はなわ まさよし)の立体作品と絵画作品を展示します。フランスで、オーナー...

Masatoshi HANAWA (born in 1981) is a Japanese self-taught artist. When he was a child his family house was isolated in the countryside north of Tokyo. His mother worked during the night, and despite of the presence of his father and elder sisters, he stayed awake waiting for his mother. He painted ‘Protector Monsters’ to chase away solitude and his fear of the dark. Since then he has continued to draw and sculpt.