2016.02.06 Sat – 02.28 Sun

『仙人になりたいんです』TAGAMI展 第四弾

2016.02.06 Sat – 02.28 Sun

2016年1月  アツコ・バルー

Becoming an hermit (Sen-nin) was what TAGAMI wanted to become from an early age on. Not misled by worldly desires, hermits, so it is said, are able to fly in the sky. TAGAMI is almost one, living in quiet retirement, dividing his time between working outdoors on sunny days and painting at home when it rains. No. Actually his brush dances even on sunny days, creating paintings that induce in us genuine feelings of happiness. Focussing on his new works, we will exhibit TAGAMI’s works on paper, plywood and oil paintings.

Atsuko Barouh