2015.07.11 Sat – 08.30 Sun

しょうぶ学園 生き!活き!イ・キ・テ・ル!展

Experiencing Shōbu Gakuen

2015.07.11 Sat – 08.30 Sun
Closed during summer vacation 8.11 Tue.~8.18 Tue.
Wed – Sat 14:00 – 21:00
Sun & Mon 11:00 – 18:00
closed on Tue¥500(includes a drink)/水~土 19:00 以降は ¥1,500(includes a drink)

2015年6月 アツコ•バルー☆ドキュメンタリー映画上映☆
水・木・金・土 19:30~ (75分) ¥1500(1drink付)
「so : but [and] =」-あらかじめ、情動の.
プロデューサー:イワタトシ子☆スズキアキコ(密林東京)×しょうぶ学園 コラボ☆


◉7月11日(土) 19:00~21:00 オープニング・パーティー
◉8月2日(日) 16:00~18:00 坂口恭平×福森伸トークショー  ¥1000(1drink付) 予約不要。
◉8月9日(日) 14:00~16:00 『幡ヶ谷再生大学公開講座(1)〜戦争体験者の話を聞く〜』¥500(1drink付) 予約不要。


知的障害者支援施設 しょうぶ学園施設長/工房しょうぶ主宰
木材工 芸デザインを独学し、自らも制作者の一人として1985年障害 者施設の中に「工房しょうぶ」を設立。2000年頃より縫うことにこだわってプロデュースした「nui project」 音パフォーマンス「otto&orabu」・家具プロジェクト・食空間コ ーディネートなど「衣食住+コミュニケーション」をコンセプト に、工芸・芸術・音楽等、新しい「SHOBU STYLE」として、知 的障害をもつ人のさまざまな表現活動を通じて多岐にわたる 社会とのコミュニケート活動をプロデュースしている。

Experiencing Shōbu Gakuen

Being here in Kagoshima, at this facility for adults with mental health conditions and developmental disorders, I again wonder what makes the difference between so called ‘able bodied’ people and those said to be ‘handicapped’ or ‘disabled’? What makes ‘able bodied’ people ‘able’, what makes them ‘normal’? From what point of view do certain mental states and bodily conditions become ‘disorders’? Appreciating life as such, do those categories really matter that much? Besides, when it comes to imagination and sincereness the people here surpass us all.
In an introductory statement by Shobu Gakuen one reads as follows.
“…Fascinated by the sensitive approach towards creative processes by people with handicaps, we engage in creative activities, mainly craftwork, art and music. In their collaborative working process, the people using the ateliers as well as the supporting staff become artists, transforming Shobu Gakuen into a facility that not one-sidedly “administers” art but as whole creates art…”
Even when living a supposedly “normal” live in this society, from time to time we all get into situations where our heart, our minds and souls get troubled. In such times their art becomes our remedy. It will remind us of the energy we have inside ourselves.
Atsuko Barouh June.2015