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I write about the art that impresses me, the people I meet , and most of all I write about everything that makes me feel alive.


Rhythms  and Visions’ Life’ Compilation Exhibition and Live music 2015

2015.11.27 Fri - 11.29 Sun 2015.11.27 Fri - 11.29 Sun 11/27(金)17:00~22:00(記念ライヴ19:30~) 11/28(土)14:00~21:00(ライヴ毎時1回) 11/29(日)11:00~18:00(ライヴ毎時1回) A) 11/27 記念ライヴチケット (1ドリンク付、3日間有効、予約・前売限定60席) 予約 ¥2,500、当日 ¥3,000(PayPal前売 ¥2,200) ZINE CD付 予約 ¥3,000、当日 ¥3,500(PayPal前売...

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dazzling new art from Casablanca

      I went to Casablanca to assist with the opening of 4 th edition of the international Biennale of Casablanca. I spent 4 days there and met a lot of very unique artists that I would have had no chance to meet at once in other circumstance. Encounter...

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