About Atsuko Barouh

Asuko Ushioda-Barouh lives and works in London, UK. She was born in Tokyo, Japan and is always connecting between Paris, Tokyo and London.



Email: lamusee01@gmail.com


History & Experience

2015 ~ present

Moved to London and set up an new platform to promote unique art and music from Japan and non-Western cultures in Europe.

From 1988 ~ present

Working for Editions Saravah*, a record company based in Paris, managing general business affairs including organising production of records and overseeing publishing.

2011 ~ 2019

Set up Saravah Tokyo, a live music venue which encourages performers to be experimental, bringing the spirit of the French label, Saravah Edition to Tokyo. Another aim of the venue is to promote the audience to participate and interact with the performers in a spontaneous manner.

2013 ~ 2018

Opened an alternative art space: ATSUKOBAROUH Gallery in Tokyo as a response to the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011. After the catastrophe I felt that art needed to become more closely involved with society.Creativity needed, and needs, to be interactive rather than one way,for the first time. New forms of art are being born from the spirit of the age, and require alternative spaces which are impossible in a museum. I have tried to create a thrilling place where the world of the individual and of society can spark and blend.

2002 ~ 2014

Running a multi-purpose art space, ‘La Keyaki ‘ in central Tokyo.¬†This house of 1970’s style providing residential facility and studio space for artists . Typically, each residency would culminate in an exhibition of works created during the stay.

Working as an antique dealer in 1980’s in Japan and France, specialising in Japanese popular art and artefacts.