Welcome to Atsuko Barouh Gallery

Atsuko Barouh is a Japanese art ambassador living in the UK. She is passionate about outsider, folk, pop, Manga and  contemporary art.  She mostly represents artists from Japan, but also international artists who are provocative and can ignite  connections between people and art. 

Masatoshi HANAWA

Introspective outsider artist creating pieces using  paint and modeling


Japanese sculptor , working scenically with carton boards, making animals and humains who have a spirit of Yokai.





Etching in 70’s. He made a series of etching during 10years  with only one or two artist proof, and no edition.

TAGAMI -early oil paintings

Oil painting of 70’s . This series was started At the same time of the etching. Totally outsider artist. He explain all his inner vision,