Kyoichi Tsuzuki – Artist Profile

Born in Tokyo in 1956, Photographer , journalist, he published more than 100 art books as editor and journalist.

Kyoichi Tsuzuki

Born 1956 in Tokyo. From 1976 to 1986, worked as editor for contemporary art, architecture, design and urban life at Tokyo trend magazines Popeye and Brutus. Then from 1989 to 1992, compiled ArT RANDOM (Kyoto Shoin), a compendium of102 monographs on world art of the ’80s. Thereafter, pursued a career of writing and independent publishing in the fields of contemporary art, architecture, photography and design. In 1993, published Tokyo Style (Kyoto Shoin, US Chronicle Books edition, 1999), an extended photo-documentation of how people in Tokyo really live. Followed the next five years by a serialized photo-travelogue column in SPA! Magazine on strange roadside attractions around Japan, published as a single volume in 1996 as Roadside Japan (Aspect, winner of the 23rd Ihei Kimura Photography Award, revised Chikuma pocket book edition, 2000). From autumn 1997 to spring 2001, published Street Design File (Aspect), a new 20-volume series devoted to overlooked treasures of non-professional design from around the world. In 2001, published Universe for Rent, an 850-page extensive research of Japanese living environments. He continues to explore both Japan and abroad for newer and stranger sights to document.Starting January 2012, he is self-publishing a weekly e-mail magazine “ROADSIDERS’ weekly” every Wednesday morning.

Artist Exhibitions & Articles

2018.04.14 Sat – 05.13 Sun ATSUKOBAROUH Night Gallery 都築響一 presents 渋谷残酷劇場 Kyoichi Tsuzuki presents “Shibuya Hell Garden”